The benefits of personality testing

A series of screening measures are normally used by employers as a means to evaluate applicants. Examples of such tests include criminal background checks, drug screenings, and the verification of employment history and educational background. According to CareerBuilder, an effective staff selection could help save you money and avoid a bad hire.

In recent years, 70% of companies have adopted pre-employment personality tests such as the Myers-Briggs personality indicator and StrengthsFinder. Here are five of the many reasons why pre-employment screening is essential in the hiring process.

Narrows down selection list – Screening helps in choosing the most suitable candidate, especially if several applicants have similar experiences and educational backgrounds.

Aids in the interview process – Tests aid HR in asking the candidate about their strengths and weaknesses.

Gives deeper understanding of candidates – Screening applicants provides recruiters with a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the candidate in question.

Eliminates bias – It helps create a more accurate indication of an individual’s personality and working style, eliminating any biases that first impressions may create.

Strengthens teams – Helps to attain a successful and productive team.

If you are not yet screening your candidates, we here at WorkSTEPS hope we have convinced you to begin. Contact us at (512) 617-4100 to get started improving your business through potential candidate testing.

What requirements do employers have to meet to ask for a fitness-for-duty exam?

Employers that require a fitness-for-duty exam can do so if they have concrete and factual reason to believe a physical or psychological condition would prevent an employee from doing necessary tasks or would be a danger to themselves or others. If such a condition falls under the classification of disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), however, an employer has fewer options.

If an employee is coming back to work following a serious injury, the employer may test the employee’s readiness with a medical examination. For example, someone with a rather serious back injury may be required to undergo a fitness-for-duty exam before the employer can allow them back to work, just to be sure they are able to perform all tasks of the job safely.

A fitness-for-duty exam may only be administered to an employee with a disability if it is directly job-related and meets ADA standards. These standards may be met if the employer has reasonable belief that:

  • said condition will make essential tasks nearly impossible
  • said condition will affect the safety of the employee or others.

If you had a serious workplace injury that required you to take off work and you are now recovered and returning, your employer may require a test to ensure you are back to full health. Learn about any steps employers could take following your injury at work at WorkSTEPS by calling (512) 617-4100.

Electing for a WORKSAFE WORKPLACE – WorkSTEPS Employer Conference

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Our Country is facing a crisis with employment challenges related to managing the aging workforce, returning veterans, and our disabled population to name a few.  Many employers fear these challenges and opt not to effectively address them.  This often results in expensive litigation that ends up eliminating jobs rather than creating them. Our goal is to encourage employers to proactively address these challenges with solutions offered through the sharing of best practices that have proven to be a win-win for both employers and workers.

Topics to include:  Functional Employment Testing | Managing Inclusion, Diversity and Disability in the Workplace | Accommodating Religion in the Workplace: The EEOC’s New Commandments | Workplace Violence and Active Shooter – How to be Prepared! |  Uncharted Waters: Defending Job Analyses in ADA & Section 503 Cases and MORE…

CEUs applied for Human Resource professionals, Case Managers, Nurses and Attorneys.

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