The Advantages of Workplace Wellness Programs

Workplace wellness programs have been creating a buzz in recent years as they appear to offer better results at a lower cost than typical healthcare plans. In fact, wellness programs offer a number of advantages to employees and employers alike.

First, wellness programs are significantly cheaper due to the fact that they allow services to be tailored to the individual needs and preferences of employees. Many of these programs provide testing, fitness education, and even healthy lunch options. They are designed to address the little health issues that could later result in major illness, thus resulting in a decreased need for expensive treatment and healthcare.

Employees may also build stronger, more personal relationships with their coworkers as they interact outside of the office setting. Social support goes a long way in building healthy habits, and work-related programs can be a great way for employers to encourage bonding through team-related exercised and goal-oriented activities.

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Workplace wellness programs defended by physicians

Recently, wellness programs implemented by companies in an effort to promote health among employees and reduce insurance costs have come under fire from detractors. Some believe that these programs promote over-screening, a practice which can lead to false positives, patients taking unnecessary medications, and, ultimately, higher costs.

Despite this backlash, wellness programs continue to grow in popularity and in a $6 billion a year industry. The negative effects come when wellness programs rely on blanket standards that do not take pertinent factors such as age and individual risks into consideration when goals are being set. Some doctors have explained that the right programs, those that test for the right factors and are tailored specifically to individual employees, provide a useful tool in treating and advising patients.

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Making the workplace a center for good health

Good health is imperative for an employee to do efficient and productive work. Healthy employees are vital for a successful company.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) website, chronic diseases like hypertension and depression lead to the decline of the overall health of workers. Such situations may cause problems and lead to lower productivity and may also be the reason for an increase in absent days for employees.

Businesses nowadays have realized the importance of having a healthy lifestyle and promote a health-enthusiastic workplace. Ideally, the workplace should be a place of protection and safety for the employees’ well-being while also giving them a chance to maintain better health throughout their lives.

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