Choosing the appropriate pre-employment test for your business

Measuring the ability of a new hire to perform assigned work duties through pre-employment tests is an effective and legitimate way to decrease the company’s turnover rate, improve its productivity, and maximize its savings through a shorter, more precise hiring process.

Although most companies understand the importance of pre-employment tests, many still fail to choose the appropriate pre-employment test for their business. The effectiveness of a test varies depending on the type of tasks assigned, the culture of the workplace, and the goals of the company. Furthermore, employers often fail to evaluate whether their pre-employment test actually provided reliable results.

Because of these issues, it is important to seek the guidance of an experienced employment testing provider that will help you determine a comprehensive pre-employment testing scheme that is suitable for your specific business. Since its beginning, WorkSTEPS has been committed to helping employers increase productivity through pre-employment testing. Call our offices at 512-617-4100 to discuss how we can improve your hiring process.

Survey: wellness programs improve company’s culture, image, and health

A survey by the Virgin Pulse entitled, “The Business of Healthy Employees 2014: A Survey of Workplace Health Priorities,” revealed the positive effects of wellness programs in the workplace.

Employees surveyed widely viewed wellness programs as a positive contributor to a company’s overall health and image. The result of the survey concluded that 96% of the respondents participate in workplace wellness programs because they want to be healthy, suggesting that improved health may be more of a workplace motivator than monetary incentive.

Data also showed that workplace wellness programs attract and retain employees. Results show 88% of the respondents view companies with wellness programs as exceptional employers. Wellness programs at work may also have a positive effect on the company’s culture.

Improve your company’s overall productivity, image, and morale by enacting a wellness program that meets the needs and goals of your workplace. Consult with our team at WorkSTEPS by dialing 512-617-4100 to learn more about the workplace wellness services that we offer.

Back injury a primary workplace safety concern

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) considers back injuries the number one workplace safety issue in the country. According to the OSHA, hundreds of thousands of workers are affected by back injuries every year, which translates to hours or days lost from work. Furthermore, a quarter of all workers’ compensation due to non-fatal workplace injuries and illnesses are associated with back injuries, creating financial loss for the employers.

The U.S. Department of Labor strongly suggests conducting strength testing for existing employees, which would allow the employers to properly assign their workers to the work duties appropriate for them. Studies have proven that periodically testing an employee’s physical capacity reduces work-related injuries by one-third.

At WorkSTEPS, we provide a regular post-employment physical agility test that would ensure work duties aptly match workers’ capacities. Call us now at (512) 617-4100 for a safe, back injury-free workplace today.