Why Pre-employment Tests Are Important

The use of prehiring assessment tests in the U.S. grew from 26 percent in 2001 to 57 percent in 2013. This spike is due to a number of benefits from pre-employment screening, such as improved job performance, time and cost savings in the selection process, and decreased turnover rates.

Different types of pre-employment tests include:

  • Drug testing: A report by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration showed that one out of every five restaurant and hotel employees uses illicit drugs, which gives the hospitality industry the highest rate of substance abuse compared to other U.S. employers.
  • Personality testing: Personality testing can help determine the interests, motivations, and broad behavior patterns of candidates.
  • General Mental Ability (GMA) testing: This test reflects both a technical and interpersonal dimension and can dictate how quickly an employee can acquire necessary job skills and knowledge.
  • Integrity testing: To prevent employee theft, honesty tests are often administered to identify applicants who have a propensity toward dishonesty or irresponsibility.

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Importance of checking a job candidate’s personality

Companies may want to consider evaluating the personality of a potential employee as a way to filter out employees with unpleasant work attitudes that could negatively impact other employees or business revenues.

While checking an applicant’s educational background is important in assessing if the skill set of a potential employee matches the job description, employers should also assess the applicant’s personality to find out if he or she can be an asset to the company. Employers should consider if a particular person is fit to work with existing employees; otherwise, companies are left to deal with a high attrition rate. Employers who accidentally hire “toxic employees” are at risk of losing their valuable employees, and in the service industry are likely to lose existing or future customers if the employee they hire has a rude or insensitive personality.

If you are an employer and you want to ensure that a potential new hire has a personality that suits your business, the expert team at WorkSTEPS can help you. Call us at (512) 617-4100 to find out how pre-employment screening can positively influence your company.

Wellness programs and small businesses

Wellness programs have become popular with large companies, but small businesses benefit from the programs as well. Here are a few reasons why:

• Recruitment: small businesses with wellness programs in place have an easier time recruiting employees, as well as retaining them.
• Profits: small businesses take a hit when employees are not well, which is why a wellness program can positively impact their profits.
• Stress: small business employees handle more tasks and are placed under just as much, or even more stress, than employees of large companies. Wellness programs not only address physical health, but mental health as well.
• Morale: wellness programs impact employee relationships, and are proven to reduce the number of sick and personal days taken by employees. They also create a fun and positive working environment that employees enjoy.

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