Wellness programs and small businesses

Wellness programs have become popular with large companies, but small businesses benefit from the programs as well. Here are a few reasons why:

• Recruitment: small businesses with wellness programs in place have an easier time recruiting employees, as well as retaining them.
• Profits: small businesses take a hit when employees are not well, which is why a wellness program can positively impact their profits.
• Stress: small business employees handle more tasks and are placed under just as much, or even more stress, than employees of large companies. Wellness programs not only address physical health, but mental health as well.
• Morale: wellness programs impact employee relationships, and are proven to reduce the number of sick and personal days taken by employees. They also create a fun and positive working environment that employees enjoy.

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Four Advantages of Workplace Wellness Programs

Far too many businesses these days neglect the long-term vision for a healthy workplace. Typically, they just provide company-assigned medical professionals once an employee becomes injured or ill. In truth, exerting time and effort in making the workplace healthier in simple ways can go a long way. According to Nolo, the advantages of administering workplace wellness programs (healthy food options, exercise equipments, etc.) include the following:

  • Fewer Absences – It seems quite obvious, but employees who are healthy miss fewer days of work, as they are less likely to use allotted sick days.
  • Increased Productivity – The workplace tends to be more attentive and functional when employees are healthier.
  • Decrease in Health Care Costs – Healthy employees mean less chances of getting sick or injured, and in many ways, it can help your company reduce the cost of health insurance.
  • Overall Payoff – Spending and exerting effort on wellness programs will help the company organically liven and make their employees healthier in the long run.

If your company is looking to incorporate safety programs, wellness programs, and/or employment testing, our experts at WorkSTEPS have carefully designed, effective systems that will suit your business needs. Call our office today at (512) 617-4100 to learn more.

Various Types of Employment Tests

Employment tests are designed to help the employer choose the best candidate for any given job. They are created to determine whether a person will be the perfect fit for the position. In order to do this, different types of tests are provided to help employers learn a candidate’s maximum capacity for activities relative to the job. A few of the most common and helpful types of employment tests are categorized as:

  • Assessment Center – tests skills that would prepare the candidate for job content and problems that arise on the job; usually for communication, organization, and analytical skills
  • Cognitive Ability – measures logic and reasoning
  • Integrity – tests ethical knowledge; usually tackles reliability and honesty
  • Interview – usually tests the interpersonal and teamwork skills; may be used to assess the person’s knowledge of the job
  • Job Knowledge – may evaluate technical skills required by the job
  • Personality – usually assess the person’s traits that are relevant to the job
  • Physical Ability – typically includes strength and speed for jobs that include manual labor
  • Work Sample and Simulation – tackles specific job skill/knowledge

If your company is seeking new and innovative pre-employment tests, our excellent staff at WorkSTEPS has spent decades creating tested and proven materials for your benefit. We can help your company understand what you need to know about a potential employee so that your office continues to run smoothly and efficiently. Call us now at 512-617-4100.