Fibromyalgia in the workplace

Fibromyalgia is considered the second most common musculoskeletal disorder next to osteoarthritis. This condition is characterized by widespread, sometimes incapacitating pain all over the body. Although individuals with fibromyalgia may still continue to work, modifications may be done to control and manage its symptoms.

Doctors do not yet understand the direct cause of fibromyalgia. However, several risk factors have been determined to increase its risk. Certain genetic mutations, for instance, could make a person more prone to this disease. Post traumatic stress disorder and certain types of infections have also been established as risk factors of this condition.

Scientifically gauging a worker’s capability to work amid existing musculoskeletal conditions such as fibromyalgia is essential to maintaining a safe and productive workplace. With Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE), employers are able to determine the employee’s readiness to take on responsibilities. Speak with our team at WorkSTEPS by calling (512) 617-4100 today to learn more about how FCE can help your business.

What are the symptoms of tendonitis?

Tendonitis, or the inflammation of the tendons, occurs when tendons in certain body parts, such as elbows, shoulders, hip, or knees, are under persistent stress due to repetitive motions. Assembly line laborers and clerical workers are among those that are vulnerable to this repetitive motion injury.

Tendons are strong connective tissues that bond a muscle to a bone. When inflamed, these signs and symptoms occur:

  • Dull pain when moving the affected area
  • Mild swelling
  • Tenderness

If left untreated, tendonitis may result in tendon rupture, which would require surgical repair to bring back its function. Untreated tendonitis may also result in tendinosis, a chronic condition that occurs when the tendon no longer heals.

With Post Employment Agility Testing, managers and employers can determine if returning workers are able to meet the demands of their work loads. This would give them the ability to tailor-fit a worker’s task in a way that would ensure safety and maximize production. To learn more about this, consult with our team at WorkSTEPS by calling (512) 617-4100.

Energizing your employees with health and wellness benefits

Improving your overall bottom line takes more than just state-of-the-art equipment, streamlined workflow, or ideal employees. You need to boost the morale of your entire workplace to make it as safe, productive, and encouraging as possible. One way to do this is to energize your employees with health and wellness benefits.

A recent survey involving 2,000 employees revealed the types of health and wellness benefits that are found to be engaging. Of the 2,000 surveyed, half of employees want onsite fitness centers. On the other hand, 28% want onsite medical services, while 73% want healthy snacks bar or cafeteria in their workplace.

Even if you cannot provide all of these things, encouraging your employees to be healthy in general could mean a lot to them – and to work productivity. At WorkSTEPS, we help you outline wellness solutions that are sensitive to your company’s culture, goals, and financial limitations. Call us at (512) 617-4100 to learn more about how we can help you keep your employees and your business healthy.